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From the Archives: Why is Gaston a villain, but Ross and Ted “Nice Guys”? Trope Watchers – Scholarly Pop Culture Criticism

At listener request, here is a re-upload of one of our most popular early episodes released back in 2017. We have no guests in this episode—it's just Scott and Mia (somewhat) affectionately hating on some terrible pop culture men.  If you enjoy Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire, check out our podcast "A Clash of Critics" for deep critical analysis of George R. R. Martin's epic series: 
  1. From the Archives: Why is Gaston a villain, but Ross and Ted “Nice Guys”?
  2. Disability in Game of Thrones (a lecture excerpt from The University of Sydney)
  3. Sydney’s Drag King Scene and Chemsex Between Men (with Dr Kerryn Drysdale)
  4. Interventionism and Burnham's Three Mummies in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 (with Dr Tim Steains)
  5. Zombies, Pop Culture, and Pedagogy (with Dr Arnold T Blumberg)
  6. Teen Sexuality and Fan Attachments Towards Twilight and Harry Styles (with Dr Grace Sharkey)
  7. Looking for Femmes in The L Word, How to Get Away with Murder, and Carol (with Katherine Giunta)
  8. Attachments in Sporting Communities (with Nick Fogarty)
  9. Indie Music Scenes in Sydney and Bangladesh (with Shams Bin Quader)
  10. Star Trek: Discovery (with Dr Tim Steains)

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